We are a non-profit film group, who produce short, and feature length film productions, we also produce music videos, documentaries, educational videos and promotional videos for businesses and groups alike.

 We are based in the UK, in particular around the county of North West Leicestershire. We film to promote this region of Britain for its rich culture and countryside.

 All of our cast and crew are volunteers who share the group's commitment to improve and passion to have a positive impact on the local community.

 Our aim is to give everyone an opportunity to experience and practice the different aspects of film making, with no previous experience being necessary! Many of the areas people can be involved in include:


  • Cast

  • Gaffers/lighting technicians

  • Cameramen/women

  • Directors of Photography

  • Stills photographers

  • Editors

  • Make-up artists

  • Costume designers

  • Assistant directors

  • Assistants and runners

  • Sound assisstants

  • Music specialists

  • Special effects (both for make-up and computer FX)


And many other roles, if you're interested or have inquiries about any aspect of film-making, contact us - details are on the CONTACT page!

About Gatling Gun Productions