Currently in the pre-production, War of the Fallen is a feature film which reveals many never before heard stories from the wars spanning from the 1880s to modern day.

Alex Reid and George Newton talk about a day on set during the filming of the War of the Fallen trailer.

A collaborative production between Gatling Gun Productions and InkyBlue Productions. Art is Dead is a drama/comedy feature film set in modern times, following the lives of three struggling actors who seek to change the ways their industry.  

The music video depicts the fictitous boyband G20, who will be appearing in the upcoming feature film.

Currently running in festivals Blackcats and Bankers is a short film that follows brothers Nathan and Jacob.

Run time: 15 minutes

Shortlisted in UK SCREEN ONE festival for Best Short Film April 2017.

WAR OF THE FALLEN - coming 2019


ART IS DEAD - coming 2018